Mt. Zion Apostolic Church of Christ

What We Believe


Jesus Christ

We believe during His First Advent, our Lord Jesus Christ voluntarily left the glories of Heaven, taking upon Himself full and perfect humanity in His incarnation.


We believe salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ is a redemptive process wholly of God, in which believers participate solely on the basis of His grace through their faith in Jesus.

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We believe baptism is a public proclamation of faith and new life in Jesus Christ. It is an outward public testimony of an inward invisible transformation.

The Bible

We believe the Bible and the 66 books that are within it to be the true Word of God, written by the prophets and apostles through divine inspiration.

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We believe God created humans, both male and female, in His perfect image.

The Holy Ghost

We believe the Holy Ghost permanently indwells all believers, fulfilling His regenerating work of the new birth unto eternal life.


Life At Mt. Zion

Friendly People

When you enter our doors, you will be met with smiling faces and happy volunteers ready to show you where to go and answer any questions you may have.

Engaging Worship

We enjoy a lively worship service! There’s singing, dancing, and music that will move you. You can sit, stand or raise your hands – whatever feels comfortable to you.

Biblical Teaching

hear from our Bishop, Co-pastor, or elders preaching live every Sunday morning. The messages are life-changing, applicable and based on God’s Word.

Casual Dress

We know you may be unsure about what to wear, but it’s not a big deal at Lakepointe. We want you to come as you are, so be casual and comfortable.

When You're Here You're Home